Where is Recycle Bin in Windows 10

Trash is the word which is more often used in the technical and mechanical industry , though according to technical industry the trash is the files or data which is being discarded and not for use. Mechanical industry trash is the waste material, though each industry make a separate storage for trash as in technical terms all the deleted data and files will be moved to recycle bin and it can be restored until n unless all the data in the recycle bin get deleted.

Recycle bin is basically the trash storage as all the deleted content/files/data will get moved to the recycle bin folder and then it is available for a user, until recycle bin content get deleted. Recycle bin is the last stage from where you can easily restore the deleted content. Windows 10 is the recently updated windows which comes with great features and its new functionality of managing the space as well.

How to locate and access Recycle bin in windows 10?

Without wasting a minute just follow these images as steps and then you can easily locate and access recycle bin.

Search Bar

Search personalization in the search bar, themes and related settings will be the first suggestion and you have to click on it, this will redirect you to the settings window >

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Here you will be able to see the settings menu, theme is the specific category where in the right side Desktop Icon settings are there.

As in windows 10 or in any windows operating system recycle bin is the desktop specific icon and in recently updated windows 10 recycle bin is not automatically present on the desktop, so while clicking on Desktop icon settings you will get a new window.

Desktop icon settings

You have to mark the check box and then click OK , this will create recycle bin on the desktop as you can easily locate it and access the trash folder to review the things you have deleted and restore anything if you need it again. Files with all the content can be restored if it presented in the recycle bin. This is the best way to locate and access recycle bin as it will be on the desktop and this will be the ease for all.

How to clean Recycle bin?
There is a way where you can easily go into the recycle bin press Ctrl + A and right click on the middle screen and press delete.

Clean Recycle bin

Here you can easily move into the recycle bin by using desktop icon as we made it above and then select all and delete.

Another way to clear all the trash data is to search recycle bin in the search menu.

Clear all

Here you can easily redirect to the storage tab in the settings window, you can easily access the space and all the storage distributed in the system. There is also an option to clear all the space in a click and you can also mark window free up space as this will delete temporary files on own to get more free space in the system.

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